Article writing

The technical part of playing with words is a very important skill in article writing. If you want to be a writer you better make sure that your spelling and grammar are up to scratch. But writing is also the art of seducing the reader to be drawn into a story. And it doesn't stop there. If you don't leave the reader satisfied at the end of the article, you didn't do well enough.
Enticing and satisfying readers, it sounds very romantic. But in practice it all boils down to craftsmanship, skill, talent and knowing your basics. I have the tools of the trade and I know how to use them.

Briefings and angles

In my twenty years of writing I have learned to get the most out of the tools of writing. Reader and client-satisfaction are what count for me; and in the process, creating something exciting and beautiful. For me, an assignment starts with the first contact with my client. I don't accept my briefing without having a very critical look at it. If necessary I suggest adjustments that will make the story more powerful and conveys the message even better.
I pride myself in being able to find angles that make my stories rise above the average magazine-article. From experience I know which format suits the subject best: a background story, a human-interest commentary, a news-item an interview or a combination of formats.


Over the years I have written articles for many magazines and websites all over Europe, America and Australia. I specialise in outdoor activities, nature tourism and sportfishing. With most of the articles I wrote, I also provided the photographs in professional quality.
Besides article writing I have done a fair amount of promotional and copywriting for travel and tourist brochures. And I have made fact sheets (writing, design, photography) concerning various styles of fishing on different locations all around the world.

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