Every year I am planning a number of trips abroad. My target is to collect material for magazine articles, factsheets and touristic producions. The foundation for my projects are preliminary agreements I have made with clients for photos and text. In most cases I have arranged to make at least two articles before preparing for my trip. Next to the existing arrangements I always keep an opening for new clients who are interesting in text or photos from the destination I am heading for. The advantages of this construction for publishers, touroperators and everyone else interested in using text and photos, are obvious. There are no costs for sending a journalist on a trip and the lines of communication are as short as possible. I recieve my briefing directly from you and I can inform you instantly if your assignment fits into my itinerary. Please contact me for more information.

October 2005: Nevada

The desert-state of Nevada has more to offer than gambling in Las Vegas, quick marriages and divorces and driving fast on the salt plains. The natural beauty of Nevada has not yet been discovered by mass tourism. And yet Nevada has a lot to offer: beautiful desert scenery, mountain ranges and canyons. Plant and animal life is abundant and there are a million and one opportunities for outdoor activities and extreme sports.
During my visit I am staying in the desert town of Gerlach. I'll be exploring the state accompanied by local expert in the fields of nature, hunting and fishing and mountainbiking.

Fields of attention for photography and writing
Nature, fishing and hunting, gundogs (I will be visiting a gundog kennel in the Nevada desert), mountainbiking. Human interest: living and working in a 'railroad-town' in the Nevada desert.

Click here for a photo-report of the trip to Nevada


March 2006: Greenland

From a political point of view, Greenland is a province of Denmark. It is the largest island in the world, measuring 2.187.700 km². Greenland has 40.000 kilometres of coastline. During my stay I will join the competitors of the Greenland Shark Challenge. A bizarre fishing contest during which Greenland sharks, sometimes weighing several hundreds of kilos, are caught with fishing rods and landed through a hole in the ice. All sharks are returned alive, after being measured and tagged.

Fields of attention for photography and writing:
Fishing, nature, survival under extreme weather- and climate-circumstances. How do people adapt to this environment (culture, infrastructure).

Duration of the trip:
About a week

I am making my final arrangements as soon as I am certain that the Greenland Shark Challenge will be held. Last year's event was cancelled due to extreme weather.