Stock photography

My camera equipment has been with me on my trips all over the world. I have had the opportunity to shoot 'out of the ordinary'-photos, which have been published in numerous sportfishing and outdoor magazines, travel and tourism brochures and on websites all over the world. My quest for that special shot hasn't always been an easy one. I have spent many hours on a fly bridge of a game boat, waiting for the perfect shot of a jumping marlin and sailfish. Or on a small craft that had to break through the ice to reach the fishing grounds. On that occasion I had to carry my cameras underneath my survival suit to prevent the controls and batteries from freezing. But more than often the result is worth every ordeal. As you can find out for yourself when you click through my selection of low-res. pictures.

If you are interested in any of the stock photos shown on this website, please contact me for a quotation or click on the rates-button. On the website I am showing a very small selection from my stock photo archive. If you are looking for a special photo, send me a description of the desired image. I specialise in sportfishing photography, but in my archive there are thousands of nature and landscape photos taken all over the world.